Clinical researcher

What we offer

We offer the full startup experience: immense challenges, great responsibility and intense growth – business wise but also personally. And just as important: we offer you the opportunity to work on solving a serious problem and improve the lives of millions.

The internship

You will do research to find the parameters that influence our product design and set up the in vivo (pre-clinical and clinical) research of product:

  • Research parameters in dentistry that need to be translated in in design criteria for the product. An example is the dimensions of mouths
  • Define, set up and perform in vivo research to measure the efficiency of our product
  • Define, prepare and perform clinical research according to academic standards to enable us to make (commercial) claims about our products

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Dental robotics

Molengraaffsingel 12
2629 JD Delft, NL

"Challenging, diverse, fast development and of course lots of fun."

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